> Aurora® is the first intelligent awning, that protects you, producing clean energy!

Aurora ® is a real solar system that appears as a fully retractable awning which produces both shade and energy.

> Covenergy®: the flexibility of the fabric and the energy production.

Make flexible what is traditionally stiff, this is the challenge won by Covenergy ®.

A photovoltaic system which thinks it’s a tissue: innovation goes through welds designed to combine individual panels of amorphous silicon to give fluidity to matter from the energetic properties.


> By another Italian patent, born Tegolux®, the photovoltaic tile with a unique performance in its field: the flexible solution for any architectural design project that does not want to forego features and energy saving.

Tegolux ® is the first tile in durable porcelain "all matter" coupled to photovoltaic modules. Ultra light, with ventilated base, and fully walkable after a perfect laying.