At the installation, your Aurora® awning system will be composed of:

  • a photovoltaic canvas, waterproof and easy to maintain equipped with parallel Fuji amorphous silicon blocks for 1 kWp yield;
  • a photosensible and self-cleaning indigo/aubergine upper side and a silver lower side;
  • 1 power board with 1 magnetothermic differential switch;
  • 1 arrester;
  • 1 wall electric panel to control the photovoltaic awning;
  • 1 high quality IP65 GS-1000 inverter, immediately usable, to convert the sun energy into power energy;
  • 20+20 meters wiring and connectors;
  • user handbook and technical specifications.

To complete the standard offer, Aurora® gives you 2 sensors that electronically control openings and closings of the awing:

  • a wind sensor (closing in case of strong wind);
  • a sun sensor (automatic opening, in case of sun beams after a cloudy day).

You can also have, as an optional, the rain sensor that closes the system in case of heavy showers.