Right now, joining the Aurora Point® circuit means having many competitive advantages compared to your competitors: being exclusive in your own area and in your own sector by having a unique product patented worldwide.


To complete the offer, Aurora Srl will provide members with many advertising tools to boost the sales of the product inside the point of sale and to increase the awareness of the Aurora® trademark through digital newsletters and paper leaflets.
In addition to that, you can be geo-localized within the interactive map in the Aurora Point® search on the web page: an additional tool for the visibility of shops accredited for the sale of Aurora®!


Being an Aurora Point® means:

  • Having the exclusive within your own area and sector;
  • The right to have advertising material for the point of sale (totem, folders, window sticker, etc...);
  • Being on the Aurora Energy website;
  • Benefitting from institutional advertising on specialized magazines within architecture, building and design.

Follow this link to contact our Marketing Dept., to know how to become our Aurora Point® and to know:


  • The remuneration reserved to exclusive dealers;
  • Financial and fiscal advantages that this photovoltaic awning can benefit from, key selling point;
  • Theoretical/practical training courses reserved to exclusive dealers, a great opportunity for a "team building" and for improving your selling techniques of Aurora®.