Here’s a list of advantages and key features to understand the reason why Aurora® is a real exclusive product.

  • It is built like a complete sun roller awning but performs like a photovoltaic system for the generation of electrical Energy;
  • When applied on shop windows, transparent surfaces and/or balconies for sun shading and shielding it contributes to energy savings, to the reduction of energy costs and to thermal and visual comfort inside the rooms;
  • You can get access to the contribution provided for by Conto Energia;
  • Only one 530x350 cm size that generates 1,012 kWp;
  • It is a completely “green” product that actually complies with Kyoto Protocol Directives;
  • With just one investment you get a double benefit: save money and generate energy;
  • It comes completely assembled, with inverter, electric panel and cables;
  • Equipped with transparent plexiglas protecting roofing with wall brackets, wall seal and steel side heads, to exploit sun beaming at its best:
  • Square bar frame for wall fixing with four steel brackets;
  • The photovoltaic canvas is made up of eleven panels of double-junction amorphous silicon inside a double thin-film layer;
  • The fabric needs low maintenance and little cleaning thanks to the auto-cleaning properties of the thin film that protects photovoltaic modules;
  • The amorphous silicon technology allows the generation of energy, even with reduced performances, also during those weather conditions when single-crystal and polycrystalline photovoltaic modules generate no energy (i.e. overcast/ cloudy days / winter time);
  • The photovoltaic supports have been tested with 45.000 rolling ups,  15.000 of which at  20°degrees below zero, 15.000 at a room temperature, 15.000 at  80°degrees above zero;
  • Structure with 80x40 mm and 68x35 mm section folding spring-loaded arms with an oversized mechanical push system. Inclination adjustment to exploit the sun beaming according to the position and orientation;
  • 100 mm winding extruded aluminium tube to contain the panel wiring;
  • Front extruded aluminium profile with drip moulding for rainwater that is drained off by the side drip caps. Inner seal to cover panel wiring;
  • Standard Motor with 120 Nm radio Somfy® RTS motor. Waterproof and shockproof outdoor Patio Telis monochannel transmitter,;
  • 3D sensor to control the closing in case of wind, with shaking function, already applied and memorized inside the front profile (you can set the sensitivity of intervention);
  • Self-powered solar sensor to control the awning automatic opening with the preset luminosity;
  • Aurora® is patented and manufactured in compliance with the Directions and Legislations in force, CE marked according to the En 13561:2004 Rule in a wind load resistance class 1;
  • Aurora® mechanical structure and motors are covered with a 5-year warranty. The electrical generability, as per Conto Energia regulations, is guaranteed in the first 10 years at 90% and from the 11th  to 20th  at 80%  (as per conditions on the user manual delivered together with the awning);
  • Radio sensor to shut the awning in case of rain upon request;
  • Volant for front profile customizable with graphics / or writings upon request;
  • Aurora Point® is the dealer who will assist you with competence in the purchasing, laying and after sale assistance.