Because it is the first intelligent roller sun awning that:

* Works like a standard sun awning;
* Reduces sun irradiation inside the buildings and allows a higher climatic comfort contributing to energy savings;
* Can be installed also in those locations precluded from the traditional photovoltaic systems due to space or aesthetic reasons;
* Generates clean and inexhaustible energy;
* Is an entirely Italian product patented world wide;
* Is an eco-sustainable investment that contributes to build a better planet;
* Is an innovative solution for sustainable eco-building.

The 530x350 cm version is completely “grid connected“: can be connected to the net benefiting of the contributions of the “Conto Energia” and it pays for itself alone.


According to the laws in force Aurora® provides receipts from GSE and economic - energy savings on bills for the duration of “Conto Energia”.

Aurora ® was designed to encash the greater incentive rate provided for a period of 20 years, for small domestic installations, from 1 to 3 kWp totally integrated. (*)


(*) variable data depending on the location, exposure and latitude.