Aurora® arises from Frama thirty-year know-how and from KFEnergy experience within renewables. Innovation and research are its added value to offer the most versatile solutions, aware of the environmental deal we have all signed with Planet Earth.

Aurora® team is made up of people who believe that doing business today means leading the way to a better future.

Aurora® is addressing to the ultimate consumer who wants to combine sunbeam protection with money and energy saving, making an aware and respectful choice for the environment through an exterior-design solution like the sun awning.

It achieves it with the Aurora Point®: a network of dealers throughout the territory where you can find all the support for choosing and installing the sun awning you need with the highest energy saving.
It achieves it with a network of authorized installers who are carefully recruited and qualified and who want to increase the value of their business by offering a unique and up-to-date solution, patented all over the world.

A quality and time resistant product and an environmental sustainability vision.