Aurora® is the first intelligent awning, that protects you, producing clean energy!


Aurora® is a real photovoltaic system that appears as a fully retractable awning which produces both shade and energy.

From the experience of Frama, specialized in Sun protection systems, and the foresight to KF Energy, competent company in the renewable energy sector, borns Aurora®: a product of the highest quality and durability.

Aurora ® is the first awning that can generate clean and inexhaustible energy, at the same time fulfilling its traditional role of design element that contributes to the indoor climate's comfort.


By exploiting the surface of the cover, consisting of amorphous silicon modules with double junction encased in a flexible film, Aurora® transform sunlight into electricity.  


With an output of 1 kWp, 530x350 cm, Aurora® generates immediately usable electricity, allowing you to take advantage of the incentives of the “Conto Energia”.