The Photovoltaic Sunshade

Finally a News in the Photovoltaics and outdoor furniture’s world, thanks to Aurora s.r.l patents.

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The first "real" PHOTOVOLTAIC SUNSHADE where silicon film melts into the fabric to create a fully integrated panel of almost 1/2 kWp (370 Wp) constantly storaged into its batteries.




- Minibar/Refrigerator and Seats

- Sound diffusions: sound RCF® for your music from your iPod or PDA

- ARTEMIDE® Led lighting for Hotels, Bar and other Locations

- Pair of cabinets /Seats: Space for minibar, Object holder.

- Pc-15.6 "Monitor 1 cm thick; equipped with wireless and Wi-Fi.

  Allows applications as: Orders at the bar; Internet connection; Advertising service; Upload music; Pictures View


In the garden, at the beach and poolside, the Photovoltaic Sunshade is the best way to protect themselves, making the
most of the Sun's Energy.


Come and discover it with all its options at the first presentation a "Klimainfisso" Fair in Bolzano 7, 8 and 9 March.