COVENERGY® - the photovoltaic fabric for pergolas and fixed structures



Covenergy®: the flexibility of the fabric and the production of energy.


Make flexible what is traditionally stiff, this is the challenge won by Covenergy®.

A photovoltaic system that feels like a fabric: innovation goes through welds designed to combine individual panels of amorphous silicon to give fluidity to matter from the energetic properties.

Covenergy® is a waterproof cover designed to fit any outdoor furnishing context, traditional or modern: Indigo-colored on top and silver on the underside.


Covenergy® can be applied to wooden structures, pergolas, structures made of steel or aluminum, which allow, after a technical verification, to fix the panel to  the structure.


The welds, meticulously tested to wear, are designed to perform to the best results within a temperature range from -20° C to 80° C.


Covenergy® is a synonym for low maintenance thanks to the lining in ETFE, Teflon-like material, and with the rain it cleans itself!


These are the main benefits of Covenergy® installation:


  • works as a normal towel for pergolas but produces energy;
  • reduces solar radiation on underside
  • a greater climate comfort, contributing to energy savings;
  • can also be installed on existing structures;
  • produces clean and inexhaustible energy; grants expected gains from the energy bill;
  • it is an investment that contributes to build a better planet; it is a light cover, resistant, self-cleaning
  • it is easy to install and handle
  • it is a product entirely Italian



>Download the technical sheet in PDF


Luca Varini

Aurora Marketing Manager

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